Love Letters To The Dead

The first book in my ‘book review’ series is Love Letters To The Dead. Without giving too much away, I’ll tell you why I enjoyed this book so much. Laurel is 13 and grieving over her sister May’s death. Laurel used to look up to May and wishes she was more like her. At her new school Laurel makes new friends and it takes the people who surround her, and her own obstacles of growing up, to realise that facing her fears and being herself is best to help her move on.

These few sentences made me realise something:
You think you know someone, but that person always changes, and you keep changing too. I understood it suddenly, how that’s what being alive means. Our own invisible plates shifting inside of our bodies, beginning to align into the people we are going to become.

It occurred to me that the ‘plates’ aligning inside us are like the tectonic plates of the earth. Their movement is a natural process and so that means growing up and changing is natural; we learn more, we understand more of the world and we change according to our experiences.

You could have grown up with the same best friend for over 10 years and then suddenly wake up and realise how different you really are but that you haven’t wanted to acknowledge it until now. And that’s OK, to be scared to notice your differences. But the most important thing, I think, is to act upon these differences. Ensure you are surrounded by people who will support and understand you; they are the ones that will shape your life further. Being around negative people is not going to help you with anything, it’ll make you feel negative and isolated. Never let anyone change you because you’ll not be true to yourself and that sucks as well.

You’re meant to be someone; yourself. If you believe in fate then being yourself is your fate and nothing will change that. If you don’t believe in fate then being yourself will be a part of your journey in life. But you have only one life, live it how you want to.

Thanks for reading, see you next time- Alice


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