All The Bright Places

Jennifer Niven’s latest release “All The Bright Places” is a young adult fiction. It follows Theodore Finch and Violet Markey in alternating chapters; their stories are inter-linked but the layout of the book gives you insight into each of the characters thoughts.

Finch is a spontaneous and quirky boy, often referred to as ‘Theodore Freak’. Finch wants to die while Violet wants to learn to live again. After her sisters death Violet has closed off from all things related to her past; she stops writing their blog, she no longer travels in a car and she even cuts herself off from her friends. However, Finch saves her and she learns to live again, giving him a reason to live too.

One day, their out-of-breath geography teacher gives them a’wandering Indiana’ project, pairing the two characters and beginning a friendship and romance.

“What a terrible feeling to love someone and not be able to save them” shows that Jennifer Niven deals with sensitive issues- suicide and post traumatic stress disorder- whilst still creating an amazing and inspirational book focusing on “what you leave behind” and the moments we create in our lives.

Thanks for reading, see you next time- Alice


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