If I Stay

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If I Stay by Gayle Forman is written from the perspective of 17 year old Mia Hall. Her story starts on a regular morning with her family and little things in her life remind her of her family’s past. Through her flashbacks you get an insight into her passions; the cello, her boyfriend Adam and her family. The cello and music is a big part of Mia’s family (as you will find out if you read the book!) as Mia is currently struggling to choose between staying at home with her family and boyfriend, or pursue her dream career as a cellist and leave her loved ones; either way she wins something and loses something else.

However, the story shifts from a happy and perfect family… quite dramatically, as the snowy weather causes a tragic road accident. Mia and her family are in danger and there is the potential of death. The same question applies to her life now; should I go or should I stay?

Now we get the perspective of Mia who is like a spirit outside of her own body. This new outlook means Mia can be around her loved ones and see them dealing with her situation without being there in person. Through this experience Mia can see just how much she means to everyone. This is important for Mia as she’s never felt as though she fits in.

To make her choice of whether to stay, Mia has to think about her boyfriend Adam, her best friend Kim and her beloved Grandparents. But could thinking about other’s make her decision even harder considering all she’s lost in such a small space of time? When Mia asks herself this she realises she has to think about herself; what’s best for her and what she wants in the future. And she knows there can only be one answer.

Cliffhanger right on the end 😉 now you have to read the book! I hope you enjoyed this review, let me know what you think of the book. See you next time- Alice


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