Jane Eyre

Hey everyone,

I recently read Jane Eyre as wider reading for my English literature course. The story follows Jane, an obedient yet intelligent and ambitious character who wishes to find herself whilst encountering lots of new people and places.

The first place Jane can be found is with her Aunt, a cold and cruel woman who despises Jane. Jane’s cousins are spoilt and unkind to Jane and this soon sends Jane to Lowood school. Lowood school is cold and unloving, with a strict owner and rules, here Jane spends a miserable eight years, only making friends with Helen Burns and Maria Temple- a kind young teacher.

Jane finds work as a governess to a young French girl, Adelé. Her new master, the Byronic Mr Rochester is brooding and mysterious. The two spend time together and their unrequited love entails. However, Mr Rochester has a secret that he keeps from Jane and when mysterious and unexplainable events happen at Thornfield hall, Jane becomes suspicious. Jane leaves Thornfield hall and meets St John, Diana and Mary who take her under their wing as a surrogate sister. Jane becomes a teacher at St John’s school but is shortly brought back to Mr Rochester as she hears his calls for her after they have spent a year apart.

Brontë wrote this book 169 years ago; it was published in 1847 under the pseudonym of Curer Bell. It is a true Gothic and romantic classic novel with remote settings that resemble Jane’s limited contact to the outside world. Jane has a passion for reaching further than women of her time were expected to be; even when she is working as a governess she wants to experience more and be more than the plain, quiet character she is.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. See you next time- Alice


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