Dead Gorgeous

Author of Dead gorgeous, Malorie Blackman is one of my favourite authors. Malorie Blackman’s other books; Boys don’t cry, Pig heart boy and the Noughts and Crosses series are captivating and entertaining to say the least. Each of Malorie Blackman’ s books create a world for the reader to enter and plots to relate to. Dead gorgeous is no exception, a brilliant author just brought out another brilliant book!



Dead gorgeous follows Liam, Josh, Rainbow (AKA Raye) and Nova over the period of three days. Each chapter is from a different character’s perspective but the story intertwines just like it would with only one narrator.

Nova and Liam both have secrets that could affect more than just themselves if they’re revealed, but both characters support each other during the hardest times in their life… or death. On the other hand, Raye and Josh find out Liam and Nova’ s secrets. Raye and Josh are shocked but more importantly, they want to help.

I hope you enjoyed this blog- Alice.


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