Gone Girl

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is written from the perspectives of Nick Dunne and Amy Elliot Dunne. There are 3 parts to the book:

1- Amy in the past, Nick in the present with a few truthful flashbacks.

2- Nick in the present with real Amy’s lies and schemes.

3- The two characters back together trying to re-build their relationship and sort through the lies.

I liked this book as it showed real human depth in the characters and the importance of every little detail in a person’s life; you can link early details from years ago to the reveal and present storyline. Go (Nick’s twin) was my favourite character, besides Nick and Amy, because she was brutally honest and didn’t shy away from the issues.

This story is unpredictable! You start hating Nick and pitying Amy and then the roles change completely… at the end you realise they’re both as bad as each other. An amazing, action-packed book that can be gory and brutal in places but that’s how you know it’s great writing. The film (from 2014) is also great as it sticks very close to the storyline of the book. I loved every second!- Alice




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