A Court Of Thorns And Roses


Hello everybody! Today I’m reviewing the first book in Sarah J. Maas’ series ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses.’ I was recommended this book by two of my friends and luckily got to borrow this one from my friend Rebecca (thanks Rebecca!) This book is a re-telling of Beauty and The Beast (WITH A TWIST!!!) … very apt considering the new movie came out last month!

This story follows Feyre as she fights for survival for herself and her family by hunting food to feed them. However, one night she kills a wolf and, unbeknownst to her, she is then tied to a treaty from Faeries across the wall. Now she has to stay with the Faeries for eternity and whilst this terrifies her, Feyre has the sense to act in control and brave in order to survive. She stays with Tamlin and Lucien in the Sporng court as they are the ones the treaty ties her to. However, they keep a secret that could help the Faeries and their world. Feyre soon finds things are not all they seem; love and strength may be the answer to more than Feyre believes possible and some vile and manipulate creatures take it for granted that Feyre is a human in a Faerie world.

I would one hundred percent recommend this book to anyone and everyone! The book is especially great at inter-weaving folklore with amazing characters and the Beauty and The Beast outline and creating a new world that is described so well. Sarah J. Maas has created some amazing characters who are strong-willed and brave and sassy in this book and I cannot wait to finish the second book of the series and find out where some of my favourite characters end up!

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Alice.