Why Do I Read?

Hello everybody, today I thought I’d delve a bit deeper into my love of books.

I’ve loved reading from a young age, I used to make up stories to accompany my picture books and entertain myself like that for hours as a toddler.And ever since, the hobby of reading has stuck! Reading has proven to be somewhat of a relaxation technique for me and I’ve always enjoyed it.

Writings also been and passion of mine for many years too – the flow of your thoughts from your mind, sometimes without you even realising they’re there waiting to be released, is one of the best feelings I’ve ever encountered. It freeing and intriguing too. Intriguing because you’re not quite sure where you’re going with this thread of thought, but you don’t want to stop until you do.

But what tops it for me is getting into a good book with detailed descriptions, a plot or a whole new world (a new fantastic point of view… I had to, sorry!) And characters you not only love reading about but who you can relate to as well.

And what makes it even better? No one has ever judged me for being a bookworm. My brother and sister may tease me for having my nose in a book so much that I don’t hear them. But I know they don’t mind really when it shuts me up đŸ˜‰ In all seriousness, not one of my friends have ever judged me for reading as much as I do. In fact, as I’ve grown older I’ve been able to lend and recommend so many books to people that I’ve lost count! And its become a tradition with one of my friends to swap our favourite books and then fangirl after!

Even my friends who don’t read so much have come to me for books that they can try and get into. And while it’s not always been successful for them, I’ve loved having the ability to convince people to try reading. I guess that’s what makes this blog so cool as well – I can reccomend books to people I’ve never met and they may get something completely different from the same book as me.

But what can you get out of reading? Well it’s a conversation topic for one – what you last read, your favourite book; people like these details. It’s relaxing as well, I’ve never felt like reading was boring or a chore and I know it’s something that’ll always make me feel better on my down days. And there are many forms of reading material: physical books, e-book or kindle, magazines and newspapers, online, you name it its out there.

I hope maybe this blog has inspired you to start reading? Or its gotten you out of a reading slump? Either way, I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on reading. Comment what your all-time favourite book is and why you do/don’t like reading. Until next time – Alice.


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