My Favourite Book Genres

Hello everyvody, today I thought I’d rank my top 3 book genres and give a fee examples of the books I reccomend within the genre. Also, bear in mind that genres can cross over; fantasy novels can include a sub-plot of romance and likewise with other genres too.

1. Romance

Romance books are great because they can be a lighthearted read and give good feelings. And you know you’ve found a good romance when you do a little squeel and get excited! 😂

My top 3 romance books:


2. Young Adult

Young adult books cover a range of topics that are relevant today, whether that be of self-confidence, family issues and experiences of young people of different ethnicity, gender and class. Young adult books connect the young reader to the characer and focuses on their trials and tribulations. I couldn’t choose just 3 YA books so here are my top 4 YA books:

3. Fantasy

The Harry Potter series is an obvious choice for this genre, J. K Rowling”s first book Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone celebrated it’s 20th anniversary of publication this week and the books are still as popular today as they became 20 years ago.

Fantasy is something I’ve gotten really into this year and I think it’s all due to Sarah J Mass! I love her writing, her characters, her worlds and the plots are just amazing! So that is why Sarah J Maas’ series A Court Of Thorns And Roses and her Throne Of Glass series are also included in my top fantasy picks.

Thank you for reading, see you soon- Alice.


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