No Filter

Hey guys,

I’ve recently read No filter by Orlagh Collins and really enjoyed it – a story about young/first love, family, school drama and friendship.

Emerald or Em moves to Ireland to stay with her Grandma for the summer as her Dad is busy with a case and her Mum is in rehab for alcohol abuse. At first Em is unsure about the move, not wanting to be away from her Mum when she needs her daughter and husband the most, and also because of an old tension concerning the Grandma.

But soon she sees the move as a blessing in disguise as she is now away from school drama and a breaking-down crush and she can come to terms with her family’s predicament. Then Em meets Liam Flynn and falls in love. Of course, their relationship cannot run smooth – unbeknownst to them, their families have a tricky history that could bring up horrid memories for Liam’s father, ruin Em’s father and Em and Liam’s relationship. A rocky start to the summer soon turns into a stable relationship (in more than one occasion) and a path for the pair to achieve their dreams.


Quotes I liked:

“Courage is a muscle. We strengthen it with use.”

“I look up at him and realise for the first time in days, maybe even weeks, I am happy.”

“Those flaws and edges are what makes you you, you eejit.”

“She’s watching me with that exact look, the one that rearranges planets, gravity and all earthly reason.”

“When love pounces on you, there’s no real choice involved at all.”


Thank you for reading, Alice.



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