After You and Still Me

Today I’m reviewing two books by JoJo Moyes, the sequels to Me Before You.

After you.jpg

After You sees Lou Clarke after the death of Will Traynor; she’s moved to London to start a new life away from the drama and judgement after Will’s death. However, an accident means Lou moves back home to recover, but she can’t help but feel she’s back at square one; no job, no boyfriend and living with her family once again. Once she’s back on her feet Lou meets a young girl who brings back her past in a way she didn’t expect… can they help each other find answers to their unanswered questions?

It’s not until Lou starts to attend support groups and she meets Sam, a paramedic who helped her the night of her accident, that she starts to feel she can move on from her past with the Traynor’s and start living that life she promised Will she’d have.

Still me

Still Me, the third instalment, sees Lou moving to New York to start her new life. With a reunion with Nathan, our favourite New Zealander, and an introduction of many new characters.

Lou’s newest employers make Lou not only question how people appear in front of each other and how they judge/treat each other, but also if she’s really doing the job she loves. With the help of an elderly lady, Lou realises she doesn’t have to give up her stripey tights, and more importantly her dreams in order to make a life for herself. Why can’t she use the thing she loves most to that?


I hope this review gets you wanting to read the rest of Moyes’ series (or even start it)! – Alice.


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